Smart Solutions For Science


Technogation provides first-class solutions for science and industry in the following areas:


A full range of optical profiling / microscopy solutions, able to tackle the most demanding measurement tasks in true color 3D.


A complete set of modular devices to create optical systems of any complexity that fit any custom specification.

Micro Fluidics

It is a way to realise chemical and biological processes on a tiny scale. This 'lab-on-a-chip' revolution is changing the whole industries.

Vibration Control

A complete range of active- and passive vibration isolation and -management solutions. Click here for full catalogue.

Technogation is sales partner of:

ZETA instruments
Science Tech
K&S Advanced Systems


Together with our partners we can provide solutions for a complete range of applications. All of them state-of-the-art and easy to operate.

PCB Testing & Quality Control

Automated testing of Printed Circuit Boards for QC.

MEMS / Microfluidics Multi-Surface Measurements

Metrology of enclosed transparent channels and structures in 3D.

Advanced Surface Measurements

Parts and wafer level processing for R&D and (automated) production QC.

Light Sources

Stand-alone and integrated for optical setups.

Spectroscopy, Far-Infrared and THz research

Modular concepts for advanced spectroscopy.

Solar Measurements

Both surface textures as well as functional device operation can be measured with our instruments for R&D and quality control.

About Us

  • Since 2010, Technogation has been operating as a trusted business development- and sales partner of a selected number of high-end manufacturers, creating and distributing products for a high-tech applications in industry and research.

  • Our mission is to provide excellent solutions in the areas of microscopy, spectroscopy and microfluidics to our customers, creating a direct link between supplier and enduser, necessary for fast and effective cooperation.

  • Located in the Eindhoven (NL) – Leuven (B) – Aachen (D) triangle (ELAt), our main distribution area is the Benelux, but for a number of products we’re also acting as sales contact in other European countries (such as the UK, Scandinavia and Germany).

  • Direct relations with support- and development engineers of our North-American suppliers ensure fast response (making use of the time-zone difference, it’s often possible to deal with questions overnight!).